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Following is a list of acronyms commonly used in the maritime and petroleum industries. While Enercon has endeavored to make this list as complete and accurate as possible, we do not suggest that all common acronyms are contained herein or that the descriptions of the abbreviations are the only accepted ones. Accordingly, we invite input from our clients and web page vistors who wish to contribute with additions and/or corrections.


A1    ABS Class of Vessel
AAAA    Always Afloat, Always Accessible
AAPA    American Association of Port Authority
AARA    Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
AAS    Annual Automation Control Survey
AASO    Association of American Shipowners
AB Able-Bodied Seaman
ABC    Activity-Based Costing
ABCU    Automated Bridge Control System For Unattended Engine Room
ABN    Abandoned
ABS    American Bureau of Shipping
ABT    About
AC    Alternating Current
ACC Automatic Combustion Control (System)
ACC    Automatic Control System Certified
ACCU    Automatic Control System Certified For Unattended Engine Room
ACFN    American Committee for Flags of Necessity
ACG    Annual Cargo Gear Survey
ACP    Alternative Compliance Program
ACS    American Chemical Society
ACS    Arab Classification Society
ADA    Americans With Disabilities Act
ADEC    Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
ADCOM    Address Commission
A/F    All Fast  
AFL-CIO    American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFRA    Average Freight Rate Assessment
AFRAMAX    A tanker of such size as to take commercial advantage under Worldscale
(generally, tankers 80,000-119,000 DWT)
AFSPS    Arrival First Sea Pilot Station (Norway)
AG    Accessibility Guidelines
AG    Algeria (Flag)
AG    Arabian Gulf (See PG)
AHL    Australian Hold Ladders
AHP Above Head of Passes
AHS    Annual Hull Survey
AI    Artificial Intelligence
AID    Agency for International Development
AIGSS    Annual Inert Gas System Survey
AIMS    American Institute of Merchant Shipping
AIMU    American Institute of Marine Underwriters
AIWW Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway
ALLI    Annual Load Line Inspection
A.M.C.    American Maritime Cases
AMS    Annual Machinery Survey
AMVER    Automated Mutual – Assistance Vessel Rescue System
AMWELSH 93    Americanized Welsh Coal Charter (1993)
ANERA Asia North America Eastbound Rate Agreement
ANFO Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil Mix
ANPRM    Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
ANSI    American National Standards Institute
ANT    Netherlands Antilles (Flag)
ANTHAM    Antwerp-Hamburg Range
APA    Administrative Procedure Act
APA Aruba Port Authority
API    American Petroleum Institute
API ( See Measurement Definitions )
APPS Act to Prevent Pollution From Ships
APS   Arrival Pilot Station
ARA    Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam (range)
ARAG    Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Gent Range
ARCS    Admiralty Raster Chart Service (U.K. Hydrographic Office)
ARE    United Arab Emirates (Flag)
ARMS    Automated Requisition Management System
ARO    Agreement on Rules of Origin (GATT 1994)
ARPA    Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPAS    Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
ARS    Annual Cargo Refrigeration System Survey
A/S    Alongside
AS    Annual Survey
ASBA    Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (U.S.A.) Inc.
ASBA II    A Type of Standard Voyage Charter Party Issued by ASBA
ASBATANKVOY A Type of Standard Voyage Charter Party Issued by ASBA
ASEE    American Society for Engineering Education
ASF    Asian Shipowners Forum
ASME    Association of Mechanical Engineers
ASTM    American Society for Testing and Materials
ATC    Affordability Through Commonality (NAVSEA Program)
ATDNSHINC    Any Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays Included
ATF Department Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
ATONIS    Aids To Navigation Information System
ATUTC    Actual Time Used To Count
AUS    Australia (Flag)
AUTODAM    Automated Damage Control
AUX(AX)    Auxiliary
AUX KW    Auxiliary/Generators Kilowatts (total)
AUXMIS    Auxiliary Management Information System
AXBS    Auxiliary Boiler Survey
AXFTBS    Auxiliary Eire-Tube Boiler Survey
AXWHBS    Auxiliary/Waste Heat Boiler Survey
AXWTBS    Auxiliary Water-Tube Boiler Survey
AZE    Azerbaijan (Flag)


BAC Blood Alcohol Content
BAF    Bunker Adjustment Factor
BBB    Before Breaking Bulk (i.e. before discharge of cargo commences)
BBLS    Barrels
BCM    Bow to Center Manifold
BDI    Both Dates Inclusive
BECU    Billion ECU
BEL    Belgium (Flag)
BENDS    Both Ends
BFI    Baltic Freight Index
BH    Belize (Flag)
BHD    Bulkhead
BHS    Bahamas (Flag)
BI    Both Inclusive
BIC International Container Bureau
BIIBA    British Insurance and Investment Brokers Association
BIMCO    Baltic and International Maritime Council
BISD    Basic Instruments and Selected Documents (GATT)
BK    Book
BKI    Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Indonesian Class Society)
B/L or BL    Bill of Lading
BL    Bulgarian Lloyd (Class Society)
BLEVE Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
BLG    Subcommittee on Bulk Liquids and Gases (IMO)
BLK    Bulk
BLKCAR (B/C)    Bulk Carrier
BLR    Boiler
BLRHS    Boiler Heating Surface (Combined)
BM    Beam  
BM    Boom
BM    Mayanmar (Burma) (Flag)
BMLA    British Maritime Law Association
BMP    Best Manufacturing Practices (U.S. Navy Program)
BMU    Bermuda (Flag)
B/N    Booking Note
BNM    Broadcast Notice to Mariners
BOB    Bunkers on Board
BOFFER    Best Offer
BOPEC    Bonaire Petroleum Corporation N.V.
BORCO    Bahamas Oil Refining Corp.
BR    Brazil (Flag)
BR    Brazilian Class Society
BRG    Bearing
BRM    Bridge Resources Management
BROB    Bunkers Remaining On Board
BS    Boiler Survey
BS&W    See S&W
BSS    Basis
BSS 1/1    Basis 1 Port to 1 Port
BT    Berth Terms
BT    Bow Thruster
BTM    Bottom
BTU    British Thermal Unit – 0.252 kcal
BV    Bureau Veritas (French Class Society)
BWAD    Brackish Water Arrival Draft
BWT    (Vessel) To Be Used AsBreakwater  


C    Center (CNTR)
C&F    Cost, Insurance & Freight
C&F FO    Cost and Freight Free Out 
CA    Center Aft  
CA    Controlled Atmosphere
CAC    Citizens Advisory Council
CAD    Computer Assisted Design
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CAM    Computer Assisted Manufacture
CAP    Condition Assessment Program
CAPESIZE    Bulk Carrier 100,000-180,000 DWT
CAS    Condition Assessment Survey           
CAS    Continuous Automatic Control System Survey
CASP    Computer Assisted Search Planning System
CAXBS    Composite Auxiliary Boiler Survey
CBFT    Cubic Feet 
CBM/cu.m.    Cubic Meters
CBS    Cyprus Bureau of Shipping (Class Society)
C.B.T./CBT    Clean Ballast Tanks
CCC    Clean Caribbean Cooperative
CCC    Commodity Credit Corp.
CCC    Customs Co-Operation Council         
CCF    Capital Construction Fund (U.S.)      
CCR Cargo Control Room
CCS or CS    China Class Society (Formerly ZC)
CCT Cargo Custody Transfer (System)
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CDC Center for Disease Control
CDI    Chemical Distribution Institute         
CDS   Construction-Differential Subsidy     (46 USC Title V)
CE-CAD    Civil Engineering CAD
CEC    Commission of the European Communities
CEDS    Civil Engineering Data System
CENSA    Council of European & Japanese National Shipowners Associations
CERCLA    Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act ("Superfund")
CERT    Certificate
c.ft./cuft    Cubic Feet (ft3)
CF    Center Forward
CFE/TLE    Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty Implementation
CFM Container Flow Management
CFR    Code of Federal Regulations (U.S.)
CFS Container Freight Station
CFTBS    Cylindrical Fire-Tube Boiler Survey
CGDDMS    CG Digital Data Management System
CH    China (Flag)
CHCP    Cargo Handling Cooperative Program
CHOPT    Charterer's Option
CHS    Continuous Survey of Hull
CHTRS    Charterers
CIF    Cost Insurance Freight
CIP    Carriage and Insurance Paid To
CIRC    Circulating
CIRM    International Radio-Maritime Committee     
CIRRS    Commercial Interest Reference Rates
CIT    U.S. Court of International Trade     
CKD    Completely Knocked Down
CL    Continuous Liner
CLC    Civil Liability Convention (And 1992 Protocols)
CLNG Center for LNG
CLPR    Czech Register of Shipping (Class Society)
CMA    Companie d'Affretement
CME    Assessment Model for Coastal and Marine Environments
CMF    Composite Meter Factor
CMI    Committee Maritime International (Maritime Law Association)
CMS    Continuous Survey of Machinery
CNG    Compressed Natural Gas
CO    Cargo Oil
COA    Contract Of Affreightment
COB    Closing of Business
COB    Container/Oil/Bulk Carrier
COBRA    Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985
COD    Cash On Delivery
COE    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
COFR    Certificate of Financial Responsibility (OPA 90)
COGSA    Carriage of Goods by Sea Act(s)
COI    Certificate of Inspection (Coast Guard)
COI    Certificate of Insurance
COLREGS    Collision Regulations (IMO)
COMA    Committee on Measurement Accountability
COMB    Combination
COMM    Commenced
CONS    Construction (CONSTR)
CONS    Consumption
CONT    Continued
CONVER    Conversion
COP    Custom of the Port
COR    Certificate of Registry (U.S. Coast Guard)
CORE    National Contingency Response
COSCO    China Ocean Shipping Co.
COT    Cargo Oil Tank 
COT    Curacao Oil Terminal
COTP    Captain Of The Port
COW    Crude Oil Washing
C/P (CP)    Charterparty or Charter Party
CPT    Carriage Paid To
CPY    Cargo Preference Year
CR    China Corporation Register of Shipping (Taiwan Class Society)
CR    Current Rate
CRF    Construction Reserve Fund
CRISTAL    Contract Regarding an Interim Supplement to Tanker Liability
CRN    Crane
CRS    Continuous Refrigeration Survey
CRS    Croatian Register of Shipping (Class Society)
CSA    Caribbean Shipping Association
CSI Container Security Initiative
CSM    Closed System Measurement
CSM Container Slot Management
CSO Company Security Officer
CSP Company Security Plan
CSR Continuous Synopsis Record
CST    Centistokes
CST    Central Standard Time
CT    Cargo Tank
CTAC    Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee
CTC    Cargo Tank, Center
CTL    Constructive Total Loss         
C-TPAT Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
CTR Container Fitted
CTS Cargo Transfer System
CTSH    Correction Temperature of Tank Shell
CTW    Cargo Tank, Wing
CTX    Cargo Tank, Common
C/V    Consecutive Voyage
CV Caloric Value (Heat Value)
CV    Cape Verde Islands (Flag)
CVM    Contingent Valuation Method           
CWA    Clean Water Act        
CWA    Cooperative Working Agreements    
CWTBS    Cylindrical Water-Tube Boiler Survey
CY Container Yard
CY    Cyprus (Flag)
CYCLD    Cycloidal Propeller    


D&O    Directors And Officers (Insurance Policy)    
DA    Double-Acting           
DAF    Delivered At Frontier Cargo
DAM    Damage          
DAMFORDET    Damages for Detention
DAPS    Days All Purposes
DB    Double-Bottom
DBH    Destroyed By Hurricane
DBS    Destroyed By Storm
DC    Direct Current
DCS Distributed Control System
DD    Dry-Docking
DDP    Delivered Duty Paid  
DDU    Delivered Duty Unpaid
DE    Subcommittee on Ship Design and Equipment  (IMO)         
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency
DEM    Demolished
DEM    Demurrage
DEN    (See HSE)      
DEQ    Delivered Ex Quay (Duty Paid)        
DES    Delivered Ex Ship      
DESC Defense Energy Support Center
DEU    Germany (Flag)          
DF    Direction-Finder
DFSC Defense Fuel Support Center
DGPS    Differential Global Positioning System         
DHDATSBE    Dispatch Half Demurrage on All Time Saved Both Ends
DHDWTSBE    Dispatch Half Demurrage on Working Time Saved Both Ends
DIES    Diesel 
DIR    Direct
DIS    Danish International Ship Register
DISCH    Discharge
DK    Deck
DLA    Defense Logistics Agency
DNK    Denmark (Flag)
DNV    Det Norske Veritas (Norwegian Class Society)
DO    Diesel Oil
DOC    Document Of Compliance (Part of ISM Code)
DOD    Department Of Defense
DOE    Department Of Energy
DOI    Department Of the Interior
DOP    Dropping Outward Pilot
DOS Declaration of Security
DOT    Department Of Transportation
d.p.p.    Dirty Petroleum Products
DR    Dead Reckoning
DR    Double Reduction
DRA Designated Restricted Area
DRK    Derrick
DSB    Dispute Settlement Body
DSC    Subcommittee on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes, and Containers (IMO)
DSU    Dispute Settlement Understanding
DTS    Defense Transportation System
DW    Distilled Water
DWCT    Deadweight Cargo Tons, or the weight of to be transported under a charter party
DWT    Deadweight Tons  


E&P    Exploration And Production
EA    Environmental Assessment
EAA    Export Administration Act
EATA    Europe Asia Trades Agreement (Conference)
EC    East Coast
EC    European Community
ECC    Environmental Coordinating Committee
ECDIS    Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems
ECJ    European Court of Justice
ECNH    East Coast North of Hatteras
ECSA    European Community Shipowners Associations
ECU    European Currency Unit
EDI    Electronic Data Interchange
EEE    "European-Economic-Ecological" Tanker Design
EEZ    Exclusive Economic Zone     
EHL East Harvey Lock
EI Energy Institute (formerly IP)
EIU    Even If Used
ELVENT    Electric Ventilation
EMER    Emergency     
EMSIS    Emergency Shipping Information System     
EMT    Emergency Medical Technicians       
EMU    Economic and Monetary Union
ENC    Electronic Navigation Chart  
ENG    Engine
EPA    Environmental Protection Agency     
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EQS    Environmental Quality Standard       
EQUIP    Equipment      
EQUIV    Equivalent      
ER - E/R Engine Room 
ESD Emergency Shut Down (System)
ESFRS    Electronic Supply Fund Reporting System   
ESP    Enhanced Survey Program    
ESP    Spain (Flag)
EST    Estonia (Flag) 
ETA    Estimated Time of Arrival     
ETC    Estimated Time of Completion
ETD    Estimated Time of Departure
ETS    Estimated Time of Sailing
EU    European Union         
EURO    European Vessel
EUROS    European Community Ship Register
EUSC    Effective United States Control Vessels       
EXIMBANK    Export-Import Bank
EXP    Expires           
EXT    Extension       
EXW    Ex Works


FACS    Federation of American Controlled Shipping
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAR    Federal Acquisition Regulations        
FAS    Free Alongside Ship  
FASA    Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994
FASA             Federation of ASIAN Shipowners Association
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FC    Facilitation Committee (IMO)           
FCA  Free to Carrier
FCC Federal Communication Commission
FD    Free Discharge
FD&D/FDD    Freight, Demurrage, And Deadfreight
FDESP    Free Dispatch
FDIS Free Discharge
FEMSS    Facility Engineering Management Support System
FEPORT    Federation of European Private Terminal Operator
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FEU    Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit (Container)
FHEX    Fridays, Holidays Excepted (Muslim Countries)
FHINC    Fridays, Holidays Included (Muslim Countries)
FIATA    Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
FILO    Free In/Liner Out
FIN    Finland (Flag)
FIO    Free In and Out
FLO/FLO    Float On / Float Off
FMC    Federal Maritime Commission
FMF    Foreign Military Financing
FMIS    Facility Management Information System
FMS    Fathoms
FN    Fidenavis S.A. (Spanish Class Society)
FND    Foundered
FO    Fuel Oil
FOB    Free On Board
FOG    For Our Guidance
FOM    Flag/Ownership/Management
FON    Freedom Of Navigation
FONASBA    Federation Of National Associations of Shipbrokers & Agents
FONSI    Finding Of No Significant Impact (Environmental Assessment)
FOQ    Free On Quay
FOS    Full Operational Status
FOSC    Federal On-Scene Coordinator
FOW    First Open Water
FOW    Free On Warf
FP    Subcommittee on Fire Protection (IMO)
FPA Foreign Port Assessment Program
FPA    Free of Particular Average
FPS    Floating Production and Storage
FPSO Floating Production, Storage & Offloading
FR    Federal Register (U.S.)
FR    Frame (FRM)
FRA    France (Flag)
FRN    Foreign Vessel
FRP    Facility Response Plan
FSH    Fishing Vessel
FSI    Subcommittee on Flag State Implementation
FSRU Floating Storage & Re-Gasification Unit
FT3    Cubic Feet
FTBS    Fire-Tube Boiler Survey
FUND    Ship Financing Revolving Fund
F/V    Fishing Vessel
FV    First Visit
FW    Free Water
FW    Fresh Water
FWAD                        Fresh Water Draft On Arrival
FWD    Forward
FWDD                        Fresh Water Departure Draft
FWE    Finished With Engines
FWPCA    Federal Water Pollution Control Act
FY    Fiscal Year  
FYG    For Your Guidance
FYI    For Your Information


G7 / G8    Group of Seven Nations or Eight Nations (United States, Canada, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, and Italy) + Russia
G.A./GA    General Average
GAA    General Agency Agreement  
GATS    General Agreement on Trade in Services
GATT    General Agreement On Tariffs and Trade 1994 (now WTO)           
GBR    United Kingdom (Flag)         
GC Gas Codes
GCBS    General Council of British Shipping
GCV Gross Caloric Value
GEN    General Cargo
GFP    Government-Furnished Property       
GIFA    Governing International Fisheries Agreements         
GIIGNL Association of International Liquefied Gas Importers
GIS    Geographic Information System        
GIS    German International Ship Register  
GIWW Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
GL    Germanischer Lloyd (German Class Society)
GLS    Gearless
GMDSS    Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (IMO)
GMT    Greenwich Mean Time (Universal/Zulu Time)          
GN    Grain
GNCN    General Conditions
GNSS    Global Navigational Satellite System
GO    Gas Oil
GOM    Gulf Of Mexico
GOV    Gross Observed Volume
GPA    GATT Procurement Agreement
GPG    General Policy Group (IACS)           
GPS    Global Positioning System
GRC    Greece (Flag)
GRD    Geared
GRN    Grounded
GRS    Gears
GRT    Gross Registered Tonnage
GSB    Guaranteed Safe Berth 
GSV    Gross Standard Volume
GT Gas Transport
GT    Gross Tons
GTEE    Guarantee
GTT Gas Transport / Technigas


HA    Hatch
HANDYMAX    Bulk Carrier 35,000-50,000 DWT     
HANDYSIZE    Bulk Carrier 10,000-35,000 DWT     
HAZMAT    Hazardous Materials
HAZMAT    NOAA's Hazardous Materials Response and Assessment Division 
HBL    Hydrostatically Balanced Loading
HC    Hydraulic Coupling   
HCPV    High Capacity Passenger Vessel        
HD High Demand
HDLTSBENDS    Half Dispatch Lay Time Saved Both Ends 
HDWTS    Half Dispatch Working Time Saved 
HE    Human Element         
HF    High Frequency         
HFO    Heavy Fuel Oil           
HMS    Heavy Metal Scraps
HMT    Harbor Maintenance Tax       
HNS    Hazardous and Noxious Substances  
HO    Heavy Oil  
HO    Hold
HO    Honduras (Flag)
HO    Hydrographic Office (UK)
HOR    Horizontal
HP    High-Pressure
HP    Horsepower
HPTB    High Pressure Turbine
HR    Hellenic Register (Greek Class Society)
HS    Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System
HSC    High Speed Craft Code (IMO)
HSE    Health, Safety and Environmental Group (U.K.)
HSE    Health & Safety Executive (UK)
HTS    Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HTSUS    Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States
HUET Helicopter Underwater Egress Training
HVR    Hague-Visby Rules
HW    Heavy Weather
HW    High Water
HYPOT    High Potential Test for Electric Equipment


IACS    International Association of  Classification Societies
IALA    International Association of  Lighthouse Authorities
IAPH    International Association of Ports and Harbors
IATA International Air Transport Association
IAW    In Accordance With
IBC    International Code for Vessels Carrying Chemicals in Bulk (IMO)
ICC    International Chamber of Commerce
ICCL    International Council of Cruise Lines
ICJ    International Court of Justice
ICS    International Chamber of Shipping
ID    Owner Identification Number
IEC    Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEU    Independent Economic Unit (Employed Person)
IFIA International Federation of Independent Inspectors
IFO    Intermediate Fuel Oil
IFR    Interim Final Rule
IG    Inert Gas
IGC    Intergovernmental Conference (EU)
IGC    International Code for Vessels Carrying Liquefied Gases (IMO)
IGS    Inert Gas System
IHB    International Hydrographic Bureau
IHO    International Hydrographic Organization
IHSA Intervention on High Seas Act
ILA    International Longshoremen's Association
ILO    International Labor Organization
ILTA Independent Liquid Terminal Association
ILU    Institute of London Underwriters
ILWA    International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union
IMB    International Maritime Bureau
IMDG    International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
IMF    International Monetary Fund
IMIF    International Maritime Industries Forum
IMLI    International Maritime Law Institute (IMO)
IMO    International Maritime Organization (UN)
IMPA    International Maritime Pilots Association
IN    India (Flag)
INBD    Inboard
INCOTERMS    International Commercial Terms
IND    Indication
INMARSAT    International Maritime Convention on Communication by Satellite
INS Immigration & Naturalization Agency
INT    Intermediate Survey or Interval
INTERCARGO    International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners
INTERTANKO    International Association of Independent Tanker Owners
IOPC    International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund (See CLC)
IOPP International Oil Pollution Certificate
IP    Institute of Petroleum (now EI)
IRIS    Incident Reporting Information System
IRL    Republic of Ireland (Flag)
IRM    Information Resources Management
IRN    Iran (Flag)
IRQS    Indian Register Quality Systems
IRS    Indian Register of Shipping (Class Society)
IS    Intact Stability Code (IMO)
ISF    International Shipping Federation  
ISGOTT    International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals  
ISIP    International School for Inspectors of Petroleum
ISM (Code) International Safety Management Code, “International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and/or Pollution Prevention.”  
ISMA              International Ship Managers Association
ISO    International Standards Organization
ISOA    International Support Vessel Owners Association
ISPS   International Ship and Port Facility Code and SOLAS Amendments 2002
ISR    Israel (Flag)
ISSC International Ship Security Certificate
ISTEA    Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act
IT    Independent Tank
IT    Information Technology
IT    Italy (Flag)
ITB    Integrated Tug Barge
ITC    Independent Tank, Center
ITC    International Tonnage Convention
ITC                 International Trade Commission
ITF    International Transport Workers Federation
ITOPF    International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITW    Independent Tank, Wing
ITX    Independent Tank, Common
IU    If Used
IUHTAUTC    If Used, Half Time Actually to Count
IUMI    International Union of Marine Insurance  
IWL    Institute Warranty Limits


JETRO    Japan External Trade Organization
JIP    Joint Industry Project
JIT Just In Time
JMIE    Joint Maritime Information System
JPN    Japan (Flag)
JU    Jack-Up (MODU)
JV    Joint Venture


KOR    South Korea (Flag)
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KR    Korean Register of Shipping (Class Society)
KTM    Keel To Mast
KW    Kilowatt


LAMP    Large Amplitude Motions and Loads
LAN    Local Area Network
LASH Lighter Aboard Ship (barge carrier)
LAT    Latitude
LAWS    Legal Automated Workstation System
LBP    Length Between Perpendiculars
LBR    Liberian (Flag)
L/C    Letter Of Credit
LC    Landing Craft
LCAC    Landing Craft Air Cushion
LCL    Less than Container Load
LD Low Demand
LDGINST    Loading Instrument
LDGMANUAL    Loading Manual
LDRS    Legal Document Research System
LDT    Light Displacement Ton        
LEIS    Law Enforcement Information System
LEV    Level (LEVL)
LGC    Liquefied Gas Carrier
LHG    Liquefied Hazardous Gas      
LHWCA    Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act 
LIBOR    London Interbank Offered Rate       
LIQD    Liquid
LIQDLEVL    Liquid Level  
LIST    London Institute of Shipping and Transport
LL    Loadline (International Convention On Load Lines)
LLMC Convention(s) on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims
LLP    Lloyd's of London Press        
LMAA London Maritime Arbitrators Association
LNG    Liquefied Natural Gas           
LNGC LNG Carrier
LO    Lubricating Oil           
LO/LO    Lift On/Lift Off         
LOA    Length Overall
LOC    Location         
LOF (95)    Lloyd’s Open Form (of Salvage Agreement) (1995)
LOI    Letter of Indemnity
LOIS    LORAN-C Operations Information System
LONG    Longitude
LONG    Longitudinal  
LOP    Letter of Protest (See NOP)
LOP    Line of Position
LOT    Load On Top
LOW Last Open Water
LP    Low Pressure 
LPG    Liquefied Petroleum Gas       
LPTB    Low Pressure Turbine                        
LR    Lloyd's Register of Shipping (British Class Society)
LR1    (Large Range 1) Vessels 50,000-79,999 DWT
LR2    (Large Range 2) Vessels 80,000-159,000 DWT
LSC    Liberian Shipping Council
LSI    Life-Saving Index (Coast Guard)      
LT    Local Time
LT    Long Ton
LTM    Long Ton/Miles          
LU    Laid-Up         
LUFS    Large Unit Financial System 
LV    Last Visit       
LVA    Latvia (Flag)  
LW    Long Water
LW    Lower
LYCN    Laycan (Layday Canceling Date)


M(MN)    Main
M&R    Maintenance And Repair
MAP    Military Assistance Program
MARAD    Maritime Administration (U.S.)
MARBS    Marine Assistance Request Broadcasts
MARDEZ    Maritime Defense Zones
MARIENV    International Conference on Technologies for Marine Environment Preservation
MARITECH    Maritime Systems Technology Program (U.S.)
MARPOL    Marine Pollution Prevention (International Convention) MARS Nautical Institute Marine Accident Reporting System
MARS Nautical Institute Marine Accident Reporting System 
MAS    Mandatory Annual Survey (SOLAS, MARPOL)
MAT    Materials
MAYDAY    Distress Signal (Spoken Word)
MB    Main Bearing
MB    Merchant Broker
MC Mutual Consent
MCRC    Marine Casualty Response Center (ABS Marine Services)
MCT    Marine Custody Transfer
MCTM    Marine Custody Transfer Measurement
MDO    Marine Diesel Oil
ME    Main Engine
ME    Marine Engineer(ing)
MEHRA    Marine Environmentally High Risk Areas
MEP    Marine Environmental Protection
MEPC    Marine Environmental Protection Committee (IMO)
MERCOSUR    South American Common Market
MERPAC    Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee
M/F    Made Fast
MF    Meter Factor
MFAG Medical First Aid Guide
MFCMA    Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act
MFN    Most Favored Nation
MGO    Marine Gas Oil
MHW Mean High Water
MHWS Mean High Water Springs
MIS    Missing
MISC    Malaysian International Shipping Corporation
MIT    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MLLW Mean Lower Low Water
MLM    International Convention On Maritime Liens and Mortgages, 1993
MLW    Mean Low Water
MLWS Mean Low Water Springs
MMD    Merchant Marines Document (USCG)
MMLD    Merchant Marine Licensing & Document System
MMPA    Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
MMS    Minerals Management Service (U.S.)
MO    Month
MOC    Memorandum Of Consultation          
MODU    Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOLCHOPT    More Or Less Charterer's Option (see MOLCO)
MOLCO    More Or Less Charterers’ Option (see MOLCHOPT)
MOLOO    More Or Less Owners’ Option
MOPU    Mobile Offshore Production Unit     
MOT    Motor
MOU    Memorandum of Understanding (Port State Control)
MPA    Marine Protection Area
MPG    Miles Per Gallon
MPMS    Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (API)
MRGO Mississippi River Gulf Outlet
MRR    Maritime Regulatory Reform 
MRS    Mobility Requirements Study
MS    Marshall Islands (Flag)          
MSB    Maritime Subsidy Board        
MSC    Marine Safety Committee (IMO)
MSC    Maritime Safety Committee  
MSC    Maritime Safety Center (US Coast Guard)
MSC    Military Sealift Command
MSDS    Material Safety Data Sheet
MSIS    Marine Safety Information System
MSNAP    Merchant Ship Naval Augmentation Program
MSO    Marine Safety Office 
MSRC    Marine Spill Response Corporation
MSS    Mobile Satellite Services        
M/T or MT    Motor Tanker
MT    Malta (Flag)
MT    Meters
MT    Metric Ton
MTMC    Military Transportation Management Command
MTSA Marine Transportation Security Act (U.S.)
M/V    Motor Vessel (Diesel)
M/V or MV    Motor Vessel
MX    Mexico (Flag)


N    New
NA    Not Applicable           
NA&ME    Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
NAABSA    Not Always Afloat But Safe Aground
NAFO    Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization
NAFTA    North American Free Trade Agreement
NATO    North Atlantic Treaty Organization   
NAV    Naval Vessel  
NAV    Subcommittee on Safety of Navigation (IMO)
NAVIC    Navigation and Inspection Circular (U.S. Coast Guard)
NAVINFONET Navigation Information Network
NAVSEA    Naval Sea System Command
N/B    New Building
NBS    National Bureau of Standards (see NIST – renamed in 1989)
NBSAC    National Boating Safety Advisory Council   
NC    Non-Continuous Liner on Tailshaft
NCB    National Cargo Bureau
NCP    National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
NDRF    National Defense Reserve Fleet
NEC    National Economic Council
NECAD    Naval Engineering CAD
NFFD Not Fit For Duty
NFPA National Fire Protection Association
NGL Natural Gas Liquid
NGMTS    Negotiating Group on Maritime Transport
NGO    Non-Governmental Organization
NIC    Newly Industrialized Country
NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency
NIMIS    NPFC Integrated Management System
NIS    Newly Independent States
NIS    Norwegian International Ship Register
NISA National Invasive Species Act 1996
NIST    National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly NBS)
NKK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Japanese Class Society)
NL    No Liner On Tailshaft
NLD    Netherlands (Flag)
NLRB    National Labor Relations Board
NLS Noxious Liquid Substance
NM    Nautical Mile
NMD    Norwegian Maritime Directorate
NMEI    National Maritime Enhancement Institute
NMFS    National Marine Fisheries Service
NMREC    National Maritime Resource Center
NOA Notification of Arrival
NOAA    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce
NONCOND    Non-Condensing
NOP    Notice of Protest (see LOP)
NOR    Norway (Flag)
NOR/N.O.R.    Notice Of Readiness
NOS    National Ocean Service (Part of NOAA)
NOTMAR    Notice To Mariners
NPDES    National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPFC    National Pollution Funds Center
NPRM    Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
NPV    Net Present Value
NRC    National Research Council
NRC    National Response Center
NRDA    Natural Resource Damage Assessment (OPA 90)
NRT    Net Registered Tonnage
NSCSA    National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia
NSF    National Science Foundation
NSFCC    National Strike Force Coordinator
NSI    National Shipbuilding Initiative        
NSR    Northern Sea Route (Northeast Passage - Japan/European Continent)
NSRP    National Shipbuilding Research Program
NSV    Net Standard Volume
NSW    Net Standard Weight
NT    Net Tons
NTIS    National Technical Information Service        
NTSB    National Transportation Safety Board (U.S.)
NTU    Non-Transportation Use        
NVIC    Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (USCG)
NVOCC    Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
NYME    New York Mercantile Exchange
NYPE    New York Produce Exchange (Time Charter Party)
NYSA    New York Shipping Association       
NYSMA    New York Society of Maritime Arbitrators


OB    Oil-Lubricated Stern Bearing
OBO    Ore/Bulk/Oil  
OBQ    On-Board Quantity (before loading)
OC    Oil-Lubricated Stern Bearing, Continuous Liner on Tailshaft          
OCIMF    Oil Companies International Marine Forum  
OCMI    Officer in Charge of Marine Inspection (USCG)
OCS    Outer Continental Shelf         
ODP    Ocean Drilling Program         
ODS    Operating Differential Subsidy         
ODSA    Operating Differential Subsidy Agreement   
OECD    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 
OFAC    Office of Foreign Assets Control      
OMBO    One Man Bridge Operation   
ONR    Office of Naval Research      
ONS    Offshore Northern Seas Conference 
OO    Owners Option
OPA 90    Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (U.S.)       
OPBO    One Person Bridge Operation
OPDS    Offshore Petroleum Discharge System          
OPEC    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
ORO    Ore/Oil Carrier
OSH    Open Shelter Deck
OSHA    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSI Offshore Storage Installation
OSR    Outstanding Recommendation Against Class
OSRO    Oil Spill Removal Organization         
OSV    Offshore Supply Vessel         
OT    Oil Tight         
OTBD    Outboard        
OTC    Offshore Technology Conference
OUPV    Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels  
OWS               Owners


P    Port
P&I    Protection And Indemnity (Insurance Clubs)
PA    Port Aft
PAJ    Petroleum Association of Japan
PAK    Pakistan (Flag)
PANAMAX    A tanker of the maximum size capable of transit of the Panama Canal (approx. 50,000-80,000 DWT) (breadth normally the limiting factor)
PASS    Passenger
PBOS    Planning Board for Ocean Shipping
PC    Part Cargo
PC    Period Charter
PCC    Pure Car Carrier
PCD    Pacific Coast District
PCGO    Part Cargo
PCT    Percent
PCTC    Pure Car Truck Carrier
PDDS    Personnel Data Decision System
PDPR    Per Day Pro-Rated
PE    Peru (Flag)
PET    Portable Electronic Thermometer
PF Port Facility
PF    Port Forward
PFD    Personal Flotation Device
PFDMA    PFD Manufacturers Association
PG    Persian Gulf (See AG)
PFSO Port Facility Security Officer
PFSP Port Facility Security Plan
PGE    Permanent Group of Experts (In Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures)
PHL    Philippines (Flag)
PHPD    Per Hatch Per Day
PI    Port Inboard
PIC    Person In Charge
PIMA    Petroleum Industries Marine Association  (of Japan)
PIOPIC    P and I Oil Pollution Indemnity Clause
PIST    Piston
PL    Public Law
PLS    Position Location Systems
PLTG    Plating
PMA    Pacific Maritime Association
PMU    Portable Measurement Unit
PN    Panama (Flag)
POB    Pilot On Board
POL    Poland (Flag)
POSH    Port Out Starboard Home
PP    Port Prefix (For Survey Report Number)
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPM    Parts Per Million
PR    (See PRS)
PRC    Peoples Republic of China
PREP    National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program
PRES    Pressure
PROP    Propeller
PROV    Provisional     
PRP    Potentially Responsible Party
PRS    Polish Register (Class Society)          
PSA Port Security Assessment
PSC    Port State Control      
PSI    Port State Initiative (U.S. Coast Guard)       
PSI    Pounds Per Square Inch         
PSIX    Port State Information Exchange
PSO Port Security Officer
PSU    Portable Sampling Unit
PTSA    Port and Tanker Safety Act   
PUF    Passenger User Fee
P/V    Pressure Vacuum (Valve)
PVA    Passenger Vessel Association
PVO    Passenger Vessel Operator     
PWS    Prince William Sound
PWSA    Ports and Waterways Safety Act      
PWWD    Per Weather Working Day


QAT    Qatar (Flag)    
QCG    Quadrennial Cargo Gear Survey        
QD    Quadruple Screw       
QI    Qualified Individual (OPA 90)         
QMED    Qualified Members of Engine Department
QN    Quintuple Screw        
QRC Quick Release Coupling
QSCS    Quality System Certification System


R    Reconditioned           
R&D    Research And Development  
RAP    Remedial Action Projects      
RB    Rubber Stern Bearing
RBS    Recreational Boating Safety  
RC    Rubber Stern Bearing, Continuous Liner on Tailshaft          
RCAC    Regional Citizens Advisory Council
RCC Rescue Coordination Center
RCRA    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
RCVR    Receiver(s)
RDF    Radio Direction Finder          
RE    Regulatory Evaluation           
REEFER    Refrigerated Cargo Ship or Container           
REF    Refrigeration
REP    Reporting System      
REV    Reversing       
REVRPT    Revised Report          
RFG    Reformulated Gasoline (Clean Air Act)
RGB Return Gas Blower
RI    (See Rina)
RINA    Registro Italiano Navale (Italian Class Society)
RINA    Royal Institute of Naval Architects
RM    Room
RN    Rubber Stern Bearing, Non-Continuous Liner on Tailshaft
RNR    Rumanian Register (Class Society)
RO    Rumania (Flag)
ROB    Remaining On-Board (after discharge)
RORO    Roll On/Roll Off
ROS    Reduced Operational Status
RP    Rinave Portuguesa (Portuguese Class Society)
RPR    Repairs
RPT Rapid Phase Transition
RPT    Report
RR    (See RNR)
RRF    Ready Reserve Force
RRS    Russian Register of Shipping (Class Society)
RS    Russia (Flag)
RS    Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
RSPA    Research and Special Programs Administration
RT    Revenue Ton
RVP    Reid Vapor Pressure  


S    Starboard
S&W    Sediment & Water (formerly BS&W)
SA    Shipyard Agreement
SA    Starboard Aft
SAA Security Assessment Audit
SAFCON    Safety Construction Certificates
SAIL    System to Automate and Integrate Logistics
SALM    Single Anchor Leg Mooring
SAR    Search And Rescue
SAR    Subcommittee on Radio Communication and Search and Rescue (IMO)
SARMIS    SAR Management Information System
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite
SARSIM    SAR Simulation Model
SAS    Annual Special Survey of Hull
SATPM    Saturday P.M.
SAU    Saudi Arabia (Flag)
SB    Safe Berth
SBD    System-Based Design
SBM    Single Buoy Mooring
SBT    Segregated Ballast Tanks
SCA    Suez Canal Authority
SCAC    Standard Carrier Alpha Code
SCAMP    Shipboard Computer-Aided Maintenance Program
SCBA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
SCM    Stern To Manifold (Distance)
SCMS Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors
SCRS    Croatian Register of Shipping (Class Society)
SCVNG    Scavenging     
SD    Single Decker
SDR    Special Drawing Rights         
SDWT    Summer Deadweight
SEBS    Single-Ended Boiler Survey  
SELFD    Self Discharging
SEMI    Semi-Submersible (MODU)  
SERV    Service
SF    Starboard Forward     
SF    Stowage Factor
SG Specific Gravity
SH    Superheater    
SHC    Shipping Coordination Committee
SHEX    Sundays and Holidays Excluded      
SHINC    Sundays and Holidays Included       
SI    Starboard Inboard      
SI    International System of Units
SIGTTO    Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators
SIRE Ship Inspection Report Exchange (OCIMF)
SIS    Special Intermediate Survey
SL    Bale (Capacity)
SLC    Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate  
SLE    Safety Equipment Certificate
SLF    Subcommittee on Stability Loadlines and Fishing Vessel Safety (IMO)      
SLP    Passenger Ship Safety Certificate      
SLR    Cargo Ship Safety Radio Telegraphy/Telephony Certificate
SMA    Society of Maritime Arbitrators
SMC    Safety Management Certificate (IMO)         
SMCP Standard Marine Communication Phrases (IMO)
SML    Small  
SMS    Safety Management System (ISM)   
SMT Ship's Management Team
SNAME    Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers   
SNC    Survey Not Complete
SNK    Sunk   
SNPRM    Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
SNUBA    Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus     
SOC    Shipper Owned Container       
SOC    Society
SOCP Ship Operations Cooperative Program
SOF    Statement of Facts
SOLAS    Safety Of Life At Sea (International Convention)
SOPEP    Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan      
SOS    Morse Code Distress Signal (…---…)           
SP    Safe Port
SP MAT    Special Material         
SPC    Self-Polishing Copolymer (Anti-Fouling Compound)           
SPM    Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
SPM    Single Point Mooring System
SPR    Strategic Petroleum Reserve
SRA    Ship Repair Agreement
SRBL    Signing and Releasing Bill of Lading
SS    Special Survey
SS    Steam Ship
SSA    Special Periodical Survey of Automated Control System
SSC    Ship Structure Committee
SSG    Special Safeguard (In Agreement on Agriculture)
SSH    Special Periodical Survey of Hull
SSHEX    Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded
SSHINC    Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included
SSIGS    Special Periodical Survey of Inert Gas System
SSM    Special Periodical Survey of Machinery
SSO Ship Security Officer
SSP Ship Security Plan
SSTDP    Sealift Ship Technology Development Program
ST    Special Treatment
STAA    Surface Transportation Assistance Act
STAB    Stability
STARS    Ship Tracking and Retrieval System
STBD    Starboard
STCW    Standards For Training Certification and Watchkeeping (IMO Convention)
STD Standard
STEM    Subject To Enough Merchandise
STEM    ( See Tanker Definitions )
STL    Scuttled
STO    Now used as a Storage Tanker
STW    Subcommittee on Standards of Training and Watchkeeping (IMO)
SUB    Subject (To .....)
SUEZMAX    A tanker of the maximum size capable of transit of the Suez Canal
(approx. 150,000-200,000 DWT)
SV    Single Visit
SVY    Survey
SWAD    Salt Water Arrival Draft
SWATH    Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull
SWDD    Salt Water Departure Draft
SWE    Sweden (Flag)
SWIFT Society for World-Wide Inter-Bank Financial Telecommunication
SYST    System  


T-ACS    Auxiliary Crane Ship
TAG    Technical Advisory Group
TALFF    Total Allowable Level of Foreign Fishing
TAPS    Trans Alaska Pipeline Service
TAX    Storage Tanks Tax
T/B    Integrated Tug/Barge
TBN    To Be Nominated      
TBS    To Be Scrapped         
TBS    Tubeshaft       
TBT    Technical Barriers to Trade    
T/C or TC    Time Charter
TCV    Total Calculated Volume
TDWT Total Tons Deadweight
TDWT    Tropical Deadweight
TEA    Targeted Export Assistance   
TEU    Twenty Foot (Container) Equivalent
TF    Tropical Fresh
TGZ Technigaz
TL    Turkish Lloyd's (Class Society)         
TLO Total Loss Only
TLP    Tension Leg Platform
TMSA Tanker Management & Self Assessment
TNK    Tank   
TO    Tender Offer
TOCA    Transfer Of Class Agreement (IACS)           
TOT    Total Loss      
TOV    Total Observed Volume
TOVALOP    Tanker Owners Voluntary Agreement concerning Liability for Oil Pollution (now defunct)
TPI    Tons Per Inch (Immersion)
TPC    Tons Per Centimeter (Immersion)
TPRB    Trade Policy Review Body    
TR    Triple Screw   
TRANS    Transverse      
TRB    Transportation Research Board         
TRIM & STAB    Trim And Stability Booklet   
TSAC    Towing Safety Advisory Committee 
TTL    Total
TU    Turkey (Flag) 
T/V    Tanker Vessel
TVEL Tank Vessel Examination Letter
TW    Tween Decker
TW    Twin Screw    
TWEA    Trading With the Enemy Act
TWN    Taiwan (Flag)
TYP    Type   


UC    Unanimous Consent   
UK P&I    United Kingdom Mutual       
UKAPTO    United Kingdom Association of Private Terminal Operators    
UKR    Ukraine (Flag)
UL    Underwriters Laboratories     
ULCC    Ultra Large Crude Carrier (over 320,000 DWT)       
ULMS    Unit Logistics Management System  
UMIB    Urgent Marine Information Broadcast          
UMIS    Reserve Unit Management Information System       
UN    United Nations          
UNCITRAL United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
UNCLOS UN Law of the Sea Convention
UNCTAD United Nations Commission on Trade and Development
UNHCR United Nations High Commission on Refugees
UPR    Unearned Passenger Revenue
UR    Ukrainian Register
UR    Uruguay Round
USAID    United States Agency for International Development
USC    United States Code  
USC    Unless Sooner Commenced
USCG    United States Coast Guard
USD    United States Dollar
USDA    United States Department of Agriculture
USEPA    United States Environmental Protection Agency
USG    United States Code of Federal Regulations
USG United States Gulf
USNH United States North of (Cape) Hatteras
USTR    United States Trade Representative  
UT Universal Time
UU    Unless Uses
UUTWCTAUTC    Unless Used In Which Case Time Actually Used To Count


VAT    Value Added Tax
VC    St. Vincent & The Grenadines (Flag)
VCF    Volume Correction Factor
VCG Vertical Center of Gravity
VCV    Vapor Control Valve
VEF    Vessel Experience Factor
VGB    Virgin Islands, British
VIDS    Vessel Identification System
VIRES    Vietnam Register
VLBC    Very Large Bulk Carrier (over 180,000 DWT)
VLCC    Very Large Crude Carrier (between 160,000 - 320,000 DWT)
VLGC Very Large Gas Carrier
VLLNGC Very Large LNG Carrier
VMRS Vessel Movement Reporting System
VNM    Vietnam (Flag)
VNTSC    Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
VOSS    Vessel of Opportunity Skimming System
VPD    Vessel Pays Dues
VPQ    Vessel Particulars Questionnaire
VRP    Vessel Response Plan
VRS    Vapor Recovery System
VSOA    Vessel Safety and Operations Audit
VTS    Vessel Traffic System
VUT    Vanuatu (Flag)


W    Waived
WB    Water Ballast
WBT    Water Ballast Tank
WCCON    Whether Customs Cleared Or Not
WCO    World Customs Organization (Ex Customs Cooperation Council)
WEMT    West European Confederation of  Maritime Technology Societies
WHBS    Waste Heat Boiler Survey
WHFTBS    Waste Heat Fire-Tube Boiler Survey
WHL West of Harvey Lock
WHOI    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
WHWTBS    Waste Heat Water-Tube Boiler Survey
WIBON    Whether In Berth Or Not
WIFPON    Whether In Free Pratique Or Not
WIPON    Whether In Port Or Not
WISTA    Women's International Shipping and Trading Association   
WLTHOHC    Water Line-To-Hatch Coaming
W/M    Weight or Measurement
WMO    World Meteorological Organization
WMU    World Maritime University (Malmo, Sweden)          
WNA    Winter North Atlantic
WOG    Without Guarantee    
WOG    Without Guaranty
WP    Weather Permitting
WP    Working Paper
WP/E    Working Party on Electricity (IACS)
WP/FPS    Working Party on Fire Protection and Safety (IACS)
WP/HE    Working Party on Human Element (IACS)
WP/M    Working Party on Machinery (IACS)
WP/S    Working Party on Strength of Ships (IACS)
WP/SRC    Working Party on Surveyors Reporting and Certification (IACS)
WP/SSLL    Working Party on Stability Subdivision and Load Lines (IACS)     
WQIS    Water Quality Insurance Syndicate
WRIC             Wire Rods in Coils 
WRK    Wrecked         
WS    Worldscale
WTBS    Water-Tube Boiler Survey
WTO    World Trade Organization     
WTR    Water  
WWD    Weather Working Days 
WWR    When, Where Ready


XO    Executive Officer      
XOL    Excess Of Loss (Insurance)   


Y2K Year 2000
YAR    York Antwerp Rules
YGS    Year of Grace Survey
YRS    Years


Z    Zulu (GMT/Universal Time)
ZAF    South Africa (Flag)    
ZC    (See CCS or CS)        
ZULU    (See Z and GMT)


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