We are very thankful here at JMJ that we have a new Bishop. His name is Bishop Edward Joseph Weisenburger. Pope Francis has entrusted to him the pastoral care of the people of the Diocese of Tucson.. He was installed on November 29, 2017. We are looking forward to his leadership here in the Diocese.
Our struggle is still ongoing as far as the attack against this ministry as I have shared with you before; however, it is coming to an end, There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have mentioned before that there is no ministry without the Cross. We are proof of that; however, the blessings that come from it are awesome. We are confident that by the end of 2018 we will be vindicated and will continue to serve our people as we have for the past 23 years.
The miracles are continuing through the intercession of Our Lady Untier of Knots. We have given out over 5,000 prayer cards and are continuing to share this devotion with all who come to the store. I will compile a newsletter of miracles that have happened through her intercession after the first of the year.
Our prayer ministry has been very active, the people coming in the store for spiritual guidance and prayer have increased as well as the people coming in to purchase solid Catholic items for their use has increased this last year as well.
The devotion to St. Joseph is still a very big part of our Ministry. It has been amazing how a little change can make such a big difference to a devotion. Due to the fact that one of my suppliers passed away, I lost access to the ability to purchase small St. Joseph Statues to sell a house., As I prayed, I realized that the devotion originally came from St. Andre from Canada. He buried the medals going up Mt. Royal for years praying for the ability to build a Church in St. Joseph honor. Because of his devotion, the biggest Oratory in Honor of St. Joseph is on Mt. Royal and the City of Montreal, Canada was built around it. In fact, before he died, 700 people came in front of St. Andre every day asking for prayers. He would dip one of the medals in the oil that was burned in front of his statue telling them to ask St. Joseph to intercede for them. When we now tell the story and promote this devotion; making sure everyone knows it is not a superstition, people have been selling their houses faster.

One of the reasons we had no pilgrimages last year was the fact that I fell and hurt myself in late 2017. It was a bad fall and I had to walk with a cane for a few months. In that time my daughter started coming to my house every Sunday to help me due to the fact that I could not pick up any weight. Because that was all allowed by God is so obvious now because; FIRST: I got the rest I needed, SECOND: I got to see my daughter every week which we both have been so thankful for; THIRD: she and I actually repaired my roof together,. It has been such a blessing no words an tell. To add to our story, other friends have started going every week or two to see their mother's as well. It is amazing how Our Lady works in our lives to help us be obedient and grateful for everything that is allowed to happen to us.
As we approach the New Year and the Feast of the Mother of God, let us all think about our Mother's as well. I would like to share a reflection from Franciscan Media:

Mary cares for our souls in a way that no human mother ever could--even the most wonderful, loving one! It is that burning charity that motivates her to work tirelessly for our salvation. She wants our salvation so desperately that she appeared many times over the centuries, sharing messages of hope and calling for prayer and conversion. Her desire that all should be saved is born of a mother's deep and lasting love for her children.

Here are the Pilgrimages that we have planned for 2018-19:
These are to be confirmed with dates by the Priests, please check the website for updates as they are still being planned with our Priests:
We have a new contact to be able to visit Mexico starting from Guadalajara to Mexico City for Our Lady of Guadalupe. We will have update shortly.
Egypt and the Holy Land, 2018 (one in English, one in Spanish)
2018-19: Pilgrimage to Colombia for Deacon Guito's ordination. Date to be announced. This will include Bogota and possibly Venezuela.
We are working with a Priest to provide a pilgrimage to the Leper Colony and Calcutta for Mother Theresa. This will be awesome.
With the information on the Web Site regarding Priests as spiritual directors, we have been having more communication that will develop into pilgrimages from other states. Newsletters will keep you informed as well.
In closing, let me just say that I thank God for all of you; for your talents, time and tenacity, for your prayers, petitions and supplications, for your trust, confidence and you assurances but most of all for your FRIENDSHIP, FELLOWSHIP and most of all for your FAITH in me and this Ministry and what it stands for. May GOD BLESS YOU all abundantly and richly IN THIS NEW YEAR OF 2018 AND BEYOND!